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Doing Christmas Well
This month we'll be having an informal chat about CHRISTMAS! The festive season can bring its own family pressures as well as joys. We'll be thinking about some of those typical pressure points like in-laws, money, managing expectations and handling conflict as well as encouraging us to think about the real reason for the season and the deeper, lasting joy and hope this brings.

Dec 6, 2021 08:00 PM in London

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David & Cheryl Adair
David and Cheryl have a trans Atlantic marriage, David is from Belfast and Cheryl from USA. They've been married for 28 years and have seven children, two daughters-in law and a granddaughter...life is never dull in the Adair home!! They have lived in Belfast, India, USA and now call Ballyclare their home, a small farming village in Northern Ireland. David has worked in social work, home sales, event production and now devotes his time to working with Cheryl for FamilyLife in Northern Ireland. As well as working with FamilyLife Cheryl is also a teacher who has (unsuccessfully) spent the last 24 years teaching her kids to pick up after themselves.
Paul & Lesley Cheesman
Guest Panel
In the (distorted) words of CS Lewis, Paul was "the most reluctant convert to Christmas ever". He wasn't a 'hater', it just didn't feature on his priorities. Then he met Lesley, for whom Christmas can never be over-celebrated. He knew, on their first Christmas together, that life and Christmas would never be the same again. More than 30 years later, Lesley still continues to lead the charge in building and celebrating Christmas traditions that Paul endeavours to try and keep up with. Paul & Lesley met over a hymn book when they were teenagers. They’ve now been married for over 30 years (a fact Paul still pinches himself over, as he’s been told he married well out of his league). Having spent early married life in the wild and crazy world of being in full-time youth work, they moved to working with grown-ups in Agapé. Lesley now leads the national movement and Paul works in Leadership Development. and HR for Agape staff globally. They’ve relatively successfully raised two kids.
Jerry & Suzanne Varghese
Guest Panel
Jerry and Suzanne Varghese have been married for 11 years, have two children in primary school, and live in the centre of Cambridge. They are both originally from the USA and met while pursuing their graduate degrees. They love to travel and learn about new places and culture. Most of their married life has been outside of their home country, starting in Greece and now here in the UK. Since getting married, the Vargheses have spent most of their Christmases away from their own culture and apart from their extended families. This has meant that holiday seasons are filled with the fun of discovering new traditions, mixed with the sadness of being far away from people they love. In the midst of all of these activities and emotions, it can be a challenge to remember to make sure this season is really about celebrating the wonder of Jesus being born.